Full of flavour and Taste!

Made by Japanese in Western Australia

Yoshihisa Okuma

Managing Director

I have been growing tomatoes in Japan for

50 years and started growing MOMOKO tomatoes since 2005 in Baldivis WA.

I always believe the sunny and warm climate of  Perth is one of the best condition for growing tomatoes in the world. It was my dream to grow tomatoes in Perth. The MOMOKO tomatoes , most popular tomatoes in Japan, tastes better here than the one I grow in Japan. It has very soft texture and it is very sweet compared to ordinary tomatoes.

I hope you enjoy the sweetness and texture of our MOMOKO.


This delicious variety has been eaten for centuries in Japan and has recently been adapted to the Australian climate and grown locally. It is grown by traditional, slow style methods, which results in a superb flavour. It is higher in natural plant sugars adding to the delightful taste and the smooth texture absolutely melts in your mouth. Its fine thin skin and lower water content.

Gourmet MOMOKO tomato to delight foodies

Use the MOMOKO tomato in all

the traditional ways

in salads, pasta, salsa, bruschetta, stuffed, grilled or backed but they're sweet enough to eat on their own, like a piece of  fruit and make fantastic juices.

Delight your self and your family with this superb tasting MOMOKO tomato.

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